A Call to Serve the Lord

There are many ways of serving the Lord and giving back to our community. St. Anne Catholic Church depends on the generosity of our parishioners and pledges to use all our resources with integrity and faithfulness in serving God.

Stewardship of Time

In today's very busy world, it seems we never have enough "time". Giving of one's time for the benefit of others, not only is pleasing to the Lord our God, but you will feel great knowing your time was not wasted. There are many people in our community who need you. Consider spending time with those in a nursing home or hospital or becoming a extraordinary minister of holy communion to the homebound.

Stewardship of Talent

God has freely blessed us all with our individual gifts and talents. God also calls us to use our talents that they may be appreciated by all. Some of us can sing or play an instrument (choir), some of us teach (CCD, life teen), but all of us have a gift we can use to help others.

Stewardship of Treasure

Just as we are blessed with time and talents, so it is for our treasure. It all comes from God. Your generous contribution to our parish goes a long way. Your contributions not only pay for the day to day operation of the church, they fund our future by helping to educate our youth on our beautiful Catholic faith (CCD, Confirmation, Life Teen) and bringing new members into the church (RCIA, marriage preparation and baptism).

The satisfaction that comes from gratefully sharing your blessings of time, talent and treasure is tremendous. In addition to following God's will and providing your Church with the resources it needs to carry out the work of Jesus Christ here on earth, you may even find that you enjoy simple pleasures more fully and deepen your relationship with God, your family and your community.