Knights of Columbus

I would like to welcome the new families to our parish. The Knights of Columbus is a fraternal organization of Catholic men who volunteer our time and practice charity to help strengthen the Church while offering members and their families the opportunity to grow in the faith.

Through the sponsoring of Church related activities the members of the Knights of Columbus continue to show community support through various functions during the year including:

  • Lent fundraising drive for the poor in our community
  • We collect and distribute food to those in need
  • Baby bottle campaign to support Pro-life
  • Volunteer for Fiestas and Posadas
  • Help with expenses needed for Seminarians
  • Annual Pancake Breakfast for our parish

By working closely with Father Larry in all our endeavors we strive to live as men of faith and men of action. If you are looking to be part of a strong Catholic, faith based group that works to improve the lives of our parishioners as well as those of our Santa Fe community, then I would encourage you to consider the Knights of Columbus.